2018 Holiday Menu

—Please contact for 2019 offerings and prices—


Local, organic $10/lb

Smaller Birds Available at $MP, Bone-In Turkey Breast $12/lb, Breast, bone-in $12/lb

16-22 lb (feeds appox. 15-20), 22-24 lb (feeds appox. 22-25)


Montana Meat Co.

Bone in $12-15/lb, Hickory or Spiral 11-14/lb


Pot pie (chicken, turkey, short rib or salmon) $12-$16/serving

Shepard’s Pie $13/serving

Lasagna (grilled vegetable, cheese or meat) $9.75-13/serving

Enchiladas - Red, green or cheese $7.50/serving, Chicken or Pork $8.50/serving


Russet, New, Sweet &/or Yam

Baked—w/ sour cream, cheese & green onions $6.25,Twice Baked $8.00,

Mashed $10.50/lb, Roasted $9.50/lb, Scalloped $6.50/serving

Salad $10/lb, Soup $17/qt,$8/pt


Pumpkin, Butternut, Spaghetti, Hubbard, Zucchini, Yellow

Roasted $9/lb, Casserole/Lasagna $9.50/serving, Pies (see Desserts/pie)


Couscous $12/lb, Tabouleh $15/lb, Pilafs $14/lb, Wheat berry $12/lb,

Wild $18/lb, Brown $13/lb, Spanish $10/lb, Risotto $16/lb, Pudding $9/lb


Local, organic, Idaho grown $13-16/lb

Green, Black eyed, Pinto, White or Black, Brussels Sprouts,

Green Bean Casserole, Salads

Soup $17/qt,$8/pt


$25/qt, $13/pt

Hummus - Roasted Garlic, Pumpkin, White Bean, Pea, Roasted Pepper

Pesto - Traditional Basil, Red Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato, Arugula

Chopped Chicken Liver $11/lb


Traditional or Cornbread $12/lb, Mixed Fruit &/or Nuts $16/lb

Sausage $14/lb, Gluten Free $18/lb

Seasonal Soups

$17/qt, $8/pt


Antipasti - olives, nuts, cheeses, meats, vegetable crudité, dips, dried or fresh fruits, crackers, breads, etc. Starts $12/serving

Handmade Tamales $2-4/ea, Chicken/ Turkey Salad $15/lb

Wild Salmon Salad $19/lb, Albacore Tuna Salad $14/lb, Egg Salad $10/lb

Mixed Green Salad w/ Veggies & Dressing $8/person Add Cheese, Dried Berries &/or Nuts $2.50/person

Specialty Salads $MP, Gravy $17/qt, Cranberry Sauce $17/qt, Whipped Cream $8/pt

Homemade Rolls/Biscuits/Breads

Whole Wheat, Old Fashioned White, Multigrain, Ciabatta or Cornbread $1 ea or $11/dozen

Biscuits $1.50 ea, Cinnamon Rolls $12/4 pack, Pecan Sticky Buns $14/4 pack


Chocolate/Vanilla w/ Butter Cream

6” $45, 8” $55, 10” $60, 12” $65

Specialty Cakes available upon Request $MP


Pies 10 inch (in disposable tin)

Apple, Pumpkin/Squash, Cherry, Blueberry, Mincemeat $30

Pecan, Coconut, Banana, Chocolate or Lemon Cream/Meringue $32

Chiffons, Triple Chocolate Pumpkin, Pumpkin Praline $42

Crisps/ Cobblers $6/serving

Assorted Cookies $7-10/lb ($1.75-2.75 ea), Brownies/Bars $3-4/ea

Bread Pudding w/ Sauce $7.25/serving

Cheesecake - Traditional, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Specialty Flavors $45/8”  $60/10”

Flourless Chocolate Cake $6.50 ea or $48/9”

Assorted Tarts $7/slice $55/10”

Fudge $12/lb, with nuts $14/lb

Divinity $12 lb, Truffle $2.75 ea


Please Call Early to Reserve your Holiday Meal! 

Prices and availability subject to change based on market conditions.