10 Reasons to Feast on Fermented Foods

Why? Because they taste good and, as our ancestors knew, they’re good for us. Beer, wine, coffee, yogurt, Tabasco sauce, sourdough bread and many pickled vegetables all rely on fermentation to give them that extra zing.

There are so many things that can be fermented.  A few favorites from the Rasberrys' kitchen are: kimchi, chili sauces, ketchup, kombucha, fruit roll ups and ginger/tumeric sodas.

10 healthful benefits of incorporating fermented foods into your healthy meal planning.

1. Better digestion
2. Nutrition absorption
3. Boost the immune system
4. Increased vitamin content
5. Longer shelf life
6. Relieves constipation
7. Improve neonatal health
8. Promotes dental health
9. Tastes great
10. Better than supplements

Stop in for a 32 oz growler of Rasberrys' homemade kombucha, and try the fermented goodness for yourself.