Powerhouse Pudding

This recipe was a crowd pleaser at a recent Earth Day event at Natural Grocers. It was super yummy and very easy to make.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Serves: Approximately 2 half cup servings


1/4 cup coconut oil

1 medium ripe banana

1 medium ripe avocado

1/4 cup bulk cocoa powder

1 Tbsp honey

Optional addition: 1 tsp vanilla

Directions: Mash banana and avocado together with a fork until smooth with minimal lumps and well combined.

Add in coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey and vanilla. Mix until throoughly combined and develops a smooth, pudding texture.

Natural Grocers

Our Ideas for Coconut

Coconut is everywhere, it’s one of the flavor du jours. At Rasberry’s we believe in using every part of of the fruit or vegetable. Yes, our chickens do love scraps, but we prefer to make human goodness first. Here are a few ideas we came up with to get your coconut fix.

  1. Coconut water

  2. Shredded coconut

  3. Coconut oil on popcorn, butter flavored of course

  4. Coconut milk - curries and more

  5. Coconut cake

  6. Coconut cake pops

  7. Coconut candy - why not?

  8. Coconut flour