Our Ideas for Coconut

Coconut is everywhere, it’s one of the flavor du jours. At Rasberry’s we believe in using every part of of the fruit or vegetable. Yes, our chickens do love scraps, but we prefer to make human goodness first. Here are a few ideas we came up with to get your coconut fix.

  1. Coconut water

  2. Shredded coconut

  3. Coconut oil on popcorn, butter flavored of course

  4. Coconut milk - curries and more

  5. Coconut cake

  6. Coconut cake pops

  7. Coconut candy - why not?

  8. Coconut flour

Harvest your Jalapenos

Peppers are an integral part of numerous cuisines worldwide. Their international appeal ranges from the sweet varieties such as bell peppers to the hot varieties such as chile (we love these!). Pepper plants are a popular vegetable to grow in gardens and planters on the patio. Here are Rasberry’s we use roast poblano peppers for our signature Chile Rellenos dish, habanero peppers, ancho peppers and others are used to make our signature enchilada sauce, and of course jalapenos in our famous guacamole. A local Wood River Valley client asked recently for some ideas for her abundant jalapeno crop this summer.

Ideas for Harvesting your Jalapenos

  • Salsa

  • Sriacha

  • Dehydrate

  • Blend and freeze in ice cube trays

  • Green Tomato Jalapeno Jelly

  • Jalapeno Oil

  • Stuffed Jalapenos

  • Refrigerator Pickles with Fresh Herbs

  • Candied Jalapenos for Spicy Margarita garnish/nibbles

Source local when available

Rasberrys always strives to source locally whenever possible. We are loving all the new “growers” that are popping up as demand continues to increase. Please consider supporting the farmers close to your home by frequenting farmers markets, food coops and health food stores. In the Wood River Valley Farmer’s Markets are Tuesdays from 2-6 pm at the base of River Run on Bald Mountain in Ketchum and in the big grassy lot next to Sturtevants on Thursdays from 2-6 pm in Hailey.

Here’s the list of who we are currently working with and more are being added every day.

Idaho's Bounty & all participating Farmers not listed below

Agrarian Harvest

Five Bee Hives

CD Enterprises

Charlie's Produce

Chocolate Moose

Grasmick Produce

Kasota Hydroponics

Ketchum Farmers Market

King's Crown Organics

Mountain Fresh

Mountain Pride


Old Almo Creamery

Picabo Desert Farm

Purple Sage Farms

Squash Blossom Farm

Waterwheel Gardens

Wagon Wheel Produce