Get to know the Rasberry women

Taste of Sun Valley recently profiled Callie and Maeme Rasberry for their Winter 2015-2016 publication.  Read the entire article for more about how Rasberry's Catering & Bistro came to be.

What cooking ingredient could you simply not live without?

Callie: Herbs and spices! It's amazing how they bring out the components of what you're cooking.  You can take the blandest food and if you spice it correctly, you can totally transform the flavor.

Maeme: Salt!  Salt is vital to the final dish.  You don't need a lot and there are so many different kinds of salt.  We use sea salt, black salt and salt we infuse with green tea, orange and lemon.  

If you could eat anywhere tonight, where would it be? 

Callie: I love Italy but would probably say New York because you can get the experience of any kind of food profile you want.

Maeme: I've been all over the world for work, but I'd say New York City! There are so many options: you can get food from anywhere in the world in one place.

What's the most unusual meal you've ever had?

Callie: They're not unusual but I've had two memorable meals: once when I was home from college my mom cooked chicken, marinated in Italian dressing, on the grill with peppers and put it all over a big salad.  Another time I was on a train in Italy and had tortellini with peas in cream sauce.  Both meals were so simple - but amazing!

Maeme: The most unusual dish I've had was when I was living in South Africa on the Indian Ocean.  I was served grilled alligator.