Raising Rasberry's: Q&A with the Rasberry Mom

How can parents and grandparents foster the love of food in children?
I feel it's important to let your children be in the kitchen, in the garden, in the laundry room with you.  You can't know about food if you've never seen where it comes from.  Encourage them to do anything they want to do, as long as it won't hurt them.  Let them try different ingredients.  Teach them how important it is to be able to do everything, regardless of gender.  

Why do you think Rasberrys Catering & Bistro is so successful?
The girls have an amazing knowledge of food and how to mix things to taste just right.  What to put with what, how to serve it and how to enjoy what they cook together.  My favorite thing about the restaurant is how they have translated what they like into something they love, how they have taken their favorite foods and made somebody else's favorite.  How they have used growing up eating the best Mexican food and brought it to the Valley so you all can enjoy it too.  

Is there any food the girls do not like?
They were never picky eaters and will try anything.  There is only one thing they do not like. Celery.

What are the twins' interests, in addition to cooking?
Maeme has an incredible green thumb.  Her garden bounty is incredible.  They both crochet and knit beautiful creations.  Maeme has never taken a car ride without her latest project.  Callie loves to arrange flowers and has a knack for display and presentation.  They are both animal lovers and gatherers too.

Proud Mama comments
The girls can translate their thoughts into their products.  They are tireless and thorough.  They are amazing to watch.  I feel the girls have a reverence for food; it's not just a byline.  They feel food is fuel, is comfort, is entertainment and should not be abused in the way it is grown, processed or prepared and most importantly; in the way it is eaten.