Organize your kitchen

A well organized kitchen in any home can make cooking time and meal prep a joy.  Here are a few simple steps to make sure your kitchen is ready for every day use and entertaining the same.  

1. Empty cabinets - pull everything out of the cabinets.  Discard broken items, donate duplicates or unwanted items.  Keep only the things you LOVE.

2. Group items - baking together, glassware together, holiday items together.

3. Organize the cabinets - consider the best place for each grouping.  Think about less trips back and forth across the kitchen to make your morning coffee.

4. Use clear containers - see through glass can be pretty and also functional

5. Store containers and lids together - discard containers without lids, those not used often or not LOVED.

6. Make use of vertical space - hang things to save space in flat drawers

7. Use lazy Susans - did you know lazy Susans are great for refrigerators too?

8. Use drawer dividers - store more in each space with dividers

9. Sort papers - a desk or countertops in the kitchen can be a dumping station.  

10. Clean out the refrigerator - condiments can multiply when you are not looking and foods have expiration dates too.  

Happy organizing! Visit Ketchum Kitchens (next to Atkinsons) for all things kitchens in Sun Valley.